UX Evaluation of Adaptive User Interfaces

Developed video-prototype based user study to evaluate the user experience of privacy-aware adaptive user interfaces. Collected data using reaction cards, semi-structured interviews, and questionnaires. Analysed data using frequency analysis, statistical analysis, and inductive thematic analysis. (number of participants: 24)

Video Protoype UX Evaluation Mixed Method Python Android

Usability Evaluation of Adaptive User Interfaces

Developed storyboard-based user study to evaluate the usability of privacy-aware adaptive user interfaces. Collected data using reaction cards, semi-structured interviews, and system usability scale. Analysed the data using frequency analysis, statistical analysis, and deductive thematic analysis. (number of participants: 15)

Storyboard Usabaility Evaluation Mixed Method

Data Collection Support for Human Genetics Care

As part of the Google Summer of Code Internship with OpenMRS, I upgraded the data collection forms of the human genetics department, University of Colombo. I also researched and built a pedigree visualisation tool to be incorporated into the existing medical record system.

Java JavaScript HTML CSS

Dengue Propagation Prediction Using Human Mobility

I collaborated with LIRNEasia for my final year project and built a model to predict Dengue outbreaks in Sri Lanka with the help of human mobility data, weather data and past Dengue incident data using Artificial Neural Networks.



Researched on shallow depth gesture recognition systems using non-focused infrared sensors and implemented the supporting mobile and wearable applications for prototyping while working in Augmented Human Lab under the International Design Center for MIT.

Java Android Android-Wear Weka

Ambient Lights

Built WiFi controlled lights from scratch to be used in smart home experiments. Developed the lights using neopixel rings and ESP-8266 microcontrollers. Designed and 3D-printed the casings to store the lights where lights were controlled using a Python server.

C++ Python MQTT 3D-Printing

Adaptive Multimodal Smart Kitchen Guidance System

Conceptualized and designed a smart kitchen guidance system using WiFi controlled portable lights, speakers and digital screens which were connected to a Raspberry-Pi smart home hub. Conducted user studies to test the user experience of adaptive multimodal user interfaces in the kitchen.

Python C++ C MQTT 3D-Printing Raspberry - Pi

Social Media Detox

Developed scripts to bulk unfollow people in social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


E-Garbage Sorting App

Conceptualised and developed a prototype of an e-garbage sorting app to improve the garbage collection. The app was developed as part of the Oxfordhack 48 hours hackathon.

Java Android Google Vision API AWS

Finger Reader

Conceptualised and developed object and text recognition android app to be used in the FingerReader project using free and open source libraries.

Java Android OpenCV

4-D jacket

Conceptualised and prototyped a 4D-jacket for the Augmented Human student design competition. Jacket generated audio, haptic and smell output which improved the movie viewing experience.

Java C++ Arduino OpenCV Android
Good Guy

Developed an android app to motivate people to do good deeds and share them with your friends. The app also used machine learning to suggest personalised volunteering opportunities to the user.

Java Android Weka